Tea Chansii, the best choice, creates a new ideology of tea tasting.

Fashionable bottle design for Tea Chansii—Freshness is always around!
Tea Chansii not only combines fresh and easy-to-carry concepts but also has created various modern bottle designs that signify “fresh, pure, round, square” Sensible feelings and rich tastes are what we have for our customers.

A leading trend to express one’s unique taste.
Tea Chansii selects more than 10 kinds of quality tea, freshly brewed under professional procedures. In order to provide health beverages, we always use fresh materials and follow our highest principle of “fresh, natural, delicious, and healthy,” including fresh fruit granular, agar jelly, basil seeds, aloe, etc. Additionally, Tea Chansii applies patent bottle designs as well as easy-to-carry pack that make it convenient for customers to bring the beverages everywhere they go. With the new design of wide rims, customers can enjoy real fresh fruit and the fantastic aroma of tea.